About Galicious

People tell me…. That my writings are sensitive and inspiring … I need to feel in order to write. I like to get carried away and let my fingers do the talking. I write with my soul. I feel, then I write.

I was born in Catalonia but my feelings and my blood are Galician. My parents are to blame for this passion about that beautiful land where they were born. Galicia is the inspiration for my writing style.

My name is Mónica Castelao. I have a degree in Tourism and my working life has always been linked to the hotel industry.. I enjoy gastronomy, delicatessens, the Middle Ages , the music of a-ha and traveling by car. 

If I get lost, find me in Mestre.


A Teixeira, Mestre. Ribeira de Piquin
A Teixeira, Mestre. Ribeira de Piquin

The birth of Galicious, September 30,  2012

For many days I have been overwhelmed thinking about  the experience of writing my first post….wondering .. “ How do I start ?”  And without thinking any more about it, today I am going to start my adventure.  I am going to write about the great passion that defines my life: Galicia

Why “Galicious” ?

To introduce myself, I was born in Barcelona many years ago, although through Galician blood flows my veins. I could ever  say that my heart “beats in Galician”. . Every time I step foot on that land, getting off a plane, a car or a train.. Every time that I see that green traffic sign beside the road announcing the land of the “Finis Terrae”, or those words at the airport.. Every time that I smell or hear that land.. I feel an emotion that puts all my nerve endings on alert. I ‘ve christened that feeling “Galicious”.

From this blog, I will try bring you closer to you this land of green and blue, mysterious and “meiga” ( bewitching ) . I will explain  things that I think should be known. The places that normally don’t appear on the guides. Curious and secret places,  hidden restaurants, traditional gastronomy, local products.. Without forgetting the “Feiras”, “Romerias”, music and traditions of this paradise.

More than a few times my friends have asked me about places and things they couldn’t miss when they  traveled to this little bit of green in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. I have written long mails full of typs, recommendations, places ….The same thing happens when they ask me for a good restaurant in Barcelona to eat “Pulpo a Feira” ( Octopus Galician style ) , where they can buy a Galician pie or in which bar they can drink a tasty Estrella Galicia .

Everything written in this blog will always come from my own experience. Without any other ambition than to transport you and try to explain why my face lights up every time I feel Galicious

Will you join me ? 

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